Alessandro Trincone: Androgynous Identity Comes to Fashion

By March 11, 2016Fashion

Alessandro Trincone graduated on December 2012 in Rome, Italy, at the “Universita’ La Sapienza di Roma” in Science of Fashion and costume before he went to”POLIMODA International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing” in Fashion Design. With honors, his graduation design Kings and Queers, was selected to be the best of POLIMODA’s graduation works at that year. Inspired by the figure of Pulcinella, the icon of his home city, Naples, he says “Both of us had problems integrating into society. We have never been fully understood and people made fun of us and the way we dressed.” In these creations, Alessandro wants to give a message to the world, to make his presence felt, to let his whole person emerge.” This all translates as a menswear collection,