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your collection on the NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Platform? We can help get you through the review process and perhaps some sponsorship. Deadline approaching.


Supporting Professional Fashion Models :

1. We support and help Models understand the business of fashion and how to work professionally with their management and agencies and not to be taken advantage.
2. We help you understand how management and agencies work and how to best present yourself.
3. We also educate, advocate and fight for the restoration of professional integrity in the areas of health & well-being of models and compensations.
4. Looking for an agency? We can recommend some of the best reputable agencies and management's out there to avoid any scams.


We are an eclectic organization with an ever-growing passion for fashion and design. We are stylists, designers, professionals and artists, aiming to help those emerging designers a foot in the door.


Our Vision

To inspire, motivate, and act as a foundation for future note-worthy fashion designers.



- A program where we are constantly searching professional brands and corporate brands to adopt an aspiring fashion designer and help in areas of partnerships and finance. Thus helping nurture a young growing emerging brand.


Our Aim is

to nurture Emerging Designers around the globe who are interesting in doing business in the United States of America


CAAFD is a non-profit organization founded through a collaborative effort by a few pioneers in the fashion industry with an ambitious push to back designers who aspire to do business in the United States. CAAFD unlocks the velvet rope and leads showcased emerging talent into close-knit circles of the fashion industry. CAAFD educates, promotes and empowers aspiring designers and fashion professionals in gaining grounds in the business of fashion, in becoming the renowned designer they yearn to be. Among other pursuits, CAAFD manages a program called FASHION with HEART™ that acts as a watchdog program that educates and advocates the restoration of the integrity of the fashion industry, and promotes charitable causes supporting the health and well being of humankind.